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Shamanic Services

What is Shamanism and how can it help me?

Shamanism is one of the most ancient forms of energy healing that exists on this earth and has been traditionally practiced by indigenous societies for many thousands of years all over the world. It is only during this last century that the Shamans have agreed to pass on their healing secrets to non-indigenous practitioners in order to restore and rebuild mankind.

It is the Shaman's belief that everything is living and has a spirit. We are connected to all these living creatures whether they are animals, plants, all of nature, and the macrocosm of the universe. Shamanism is essentially a spiritual (not religious) practice that involves the Shaman interacting with the spiritual energy to help heal the person in this physical world.

Shamanic energy medicine can help you change your life whether you need healing from physical problems or emotional distress, changing your behavioral patterns, relief from trauma or loss, removing ancestral energy or karma, finding your life’s goal, and primarily in recovering your true destiny.

It’s best to receive Shamanic energy work before you receive a diagnosis from an illness, but if you’ve already had a diagnosis, we can work along with your medical professionals to help you get back on a path toward healing. I learned these skills from the lineage of the Laika Shamans who are the master seers of the Inka nation in the Amazon who say….”As Curing is the business of doctors. Healing is the business of Shamans.”

Shamanic Services

The intention of Shamanic Energy Medicine is to establish beneficial and productive results for my clients that will stay with them through their daily lives. Following a brief conversation at each session, an assessment of how the Shamanic energy medicine can be personalized according to the needs of the client. Often other restorative modalities may be integrated such as Reiki or CranioSacral therapy to bring a multifaceted approach to healing.

Each Shamanic service is personalized according to the needs of the client. Trust that as your Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, I will spiritually connect with the energetic realms for wisdom and healing for your highest good.

Shamanic Illumination/Balancing Your Chakras

Your seven chakras are spinning vortexes of light where energy is received and released. Each chakra has a specific location and is shaped like a funnel. The narrow tips of the funnel connect to the spinal cord and the wider tips extend about 2 inches outside of the body. For example, you perceive love, fear, danger, sexuality, and insight through your chakras. Each chakra contains memories of events that happened in your life. When one is harmed, it loses its vital resources. Shamanic Illumination helps to gently release these toxic wounds and past trauma.

Soul Retrieval

When there is a trauma in our life, whether it be a physical or emotional trauma, a part of our vital essence may escape in an effort to survive the experience. Sometimes this trauma may unfold all the way back to infancy if our needs weren’t properly met. Often depression, addictions, grief that doesn’t go away, and inability to move forward in life can be signs of soul loss.

When soul parts leave, they also take with them gifts and strengths such as how to be loving, how to trust, how to be joyful, and how to move forward for the highest good.

In a Soul Retrieval ceremony, the Shaman journeys to the Spirit world and will connect with a guide to locate the lost soul essence. The Shaman will address the former trauma and negotiate the soul’s return to the body. When we talk about soul parts, we are really talking about the essence of vitality and light that may be missing from your life. When that vital essence is returned, it is important for the client to fully absorb that returned soul essence into every cell of their body.

Shamanic Extraction 

An extraction is a deep energetic clearing that removes negative energies that have been rooted in the body for a long time and may be causing illness, misfortune, or inability to move forward in life. We often refer to relationships that people have with other people, whether positive or negative, as “ties” to that person. There are indeed energetic ties that can often be detrimental to our wellbeing which the Shaman can release so that you can become more aligned with your true self.

Power Animals

In Shamanism, a Power Animal is actually a helping spirit awaiting to support us in our times of need. A Power Animal comes to you when you are journeying which is a process almost like meditation where you go into a reality beyond the physical experience that is beyond space and time. Meeting with a Power Animal is actually meeting with the essence of the species.

You Power Animal will come to you to bring messages that you need to hear. You may see your Power Animal in a certain way that allows you to understand details of the messages they bring to you. Or you may receive messages through body sensations. Whatever the case, remember that Power Animals have a perspective beyond what we have and can help us see things with greater clarity.  

What Our Clients Say

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I have been to Grace for Shamanic Healing. She listens and is very empathetic and skilled. Going through my daily life feels so much lighter and easier for me now. 

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